Congratulations to Alicia Goddard, winner of the Early Bird Membership draw.
Alicia will receive a FREE membership for the 2017 rodeo season.

Please remember that it is not too late to send in your application for the 2016 rodeo season. Print off the membership application and send it into the HRA office today!


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June 4th and 5th, 2016 • Brad Middleton's in Carman, Mb

Cost: $650 (a non-refundable $400 deposit will be required to hold your spot)
Accepting 6 Headers and 6 Heelers
For more information contact:
Brad Middleton - Cell: (204)745-7820 Email:


A Message from HRA President, Rod Manchester

The water is running, the grass is on its way, and so is the 2016 Heartland Rodeo Season.

The full schedule is posted on the schedule page of the HRA website.  Portage was our 2015 rodeo of the year and there are many questions as to why it is not on the schedule as of yet. An indoor rodeo at the PCU Center is in the works.  The Rodeo committee is working hard to finalize the last few details before the rodeo will be approved. Keep your eyes on the website schedule for up to date information.

Remember to submit your membership BEFORE April 30th in order to be eligible for the draw for a FREE 2017 membership.

Sponsorship and support is what makes our association successful. If you, or anyone you know may be interested in sponsoring an event, please be in contact with any of our wonderful board members.  The sponsor packages have been updated on the website, so feel free to print the package off and share the information with any potential sponsors.

The Heartland Rodeo Association Board of Directors is proud to offer its 1st annual Scholarship. If you are interested and eligible to apply, be sure to complete the application posted on the main page of the website and send it into the HRA office.  All applications MUST BE RECEIVED by April 30th, 2016. 

See you soon and Rodeo On!

Rod Manchester
HRA President

2015 Rodeo of the Year - Portage Ex and Stampede

Covenant Ranch Feed & Tack is a small family business owned and operated by Elwin & Juanita Funk, together with their daughter Micaella. They are located at Kola, Manitoba on the top of the Pipestone Valley.

Juanita grew up in the Kola area, and it was here that her passion for horses began. Her family ran cattle with the help of horses and here she was also immersed in pasture riding, 4-H, horse shows, many family trial rides and training horses throughout her growing up years. Her family has also enjoyed many trips, trail riding in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta or Wyoming. In the year 2000, Elwin and Juanita began their involvement in the Manitoba Ranch Rodeo Association. This continued until 2014. Their love for horses and a western lifestyle was quickly adopted by their daughter Micaella, and soon they found themselves involved in the Manitoba Barrel Racing Association as well as the Manitoba High School Rodeo Association.

Today, Covenant Ranch Feed & Tack exists due to their passion for horses. This business began as a result of Juanita’s desire to ensure that the horses they relied on for so much of their extra-curricular enjoyment, was cared for nutritionally. Like any athlete, a horse requires a well balanced diet to perform at its peak.

With a vast array of equine nutritional products available, Juanita settled on one that was backed by equine nutrition experts. These experts not only possessed an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of equine products including their own, but could also provide sound information and advice on any number of equine health and performance concerns. Thus, Buckeye Nutrition became the feeding program of choice at Covenant Ranch in 2011. With the results of the feed far exceeding their expectations, Elwin and Juanita became dealers of the Buckeye product.

Having the Buckeye Feed product available for sale, “snowballed” into also making everyday tack items available to the public. The two just seemed to go hand-in-hand. Today Covenant Ranch Feed & Tack strives to provide quality products that will benefit both you and your horse. They offer a wide variety of products including Buckeye Nutrition feed, tack, some rustic furniture and household/giftware items. You will find name brands such as Professionals Choice, 5 Star, Martin, Weaver, Back on Track, Teskey’s, Tough 1, Classic, Cactus, Fastback, Lonestar, Omega Alpha, amongst others on the shelves. As an addition to the feed, they also provide free equine body condition evaluations and nutritional assessments.

Covenant Ranch exists due to a genuine passion for horses and desire to see you and your horse succeed both in and out of the performance arena. Whether it is your horse’s nutritional needs that need to be met, or items of tack and equipment that you require, Elwin & Juanita look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Covenant Ranch Feed & Tack
Buckeye Nutrition
Your Passion. Our Purpose.

Congratulations to Ashley Schroeder 2015 HRA Cowgirl of the Year
Bible presented by Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
Buckle presented by Clay Ranch Quarter Horses

Congratulations to Claude Potvin 2015 HRA Cowboy of the Year

Bible presented by Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
Buckle presented by Mid-Town Ford




The Heartland Rodeo Association was created in 1995 to promote and continue the sport of rodeo in Manitoba, with the entire family in mind. It is built open family oriented weekends, giving contestants of all ages the opportunity to compete in rodeo events. Today, it is still a strong and growing association, hosting rodeos throughout the year in various locations throughout the province. Competitors strive towards achieving the highest number of points in each of the 9 major and 2 minor events throughout the rodeo season. To end each season, the Heartland Rodeo Association holds a finals weekend, where top qualifiers compete for a chance to win awards.

- Manitoba High School Rodeo Association

- 7-6 Ranch Children's Wish Foundation Fundraiser

- Manitoba Bareback/Saddlebronc Riding School
The 2016 HRA Rulebook is now available online.



  1. Rude, argumentative or harassing behavior or coarse language towards ACE operator will not be tolerated.
  2. Entries and callbacks are limited to one call per member. Repeated calls during entries or callback will not be tolerated. The purpose of callback is to find out which performance you were drawn for. Calls for other than this purpose will not be tolerated.
  3. Entries and callback times are 5:00-9:00pm. Calls outside these times will not be accepted.
  4. ACE does not guarantee preferred days for entries. If you do not get drawn for the day of your choice, it is your responsibility to find an equal switch. ACE is not responsible for switching/changing the draw once it has been completed.
  5. The ACE operator’s and board of directors’ decision regarding draws are final.
  6. All incidents will be documented and forwarded to the board of directors, and may result in fines/suspensions.
Membership must be bought and processed seven days before entries open for the member wishes to enter. Memberships can be bought at the first rodeo of the season.

1. A contestant who, upon calling back finds that they do not have the preferred performance asked for, may notify the ACE operator that they will be turning out.

a. At that point the contestant will be responsible for the entry fee, the ACE fee plus be subject to a $10 fine.

b. A contestant who does not notify the ACE operator that they will be turning out will be responsible for the entry fees, the ACE fees plus be subject to a $50 fine.
c. A contestant who is entered to perform in the slack may turn out without a fine, but must pay the ACE fee.

2. A contestant who, upon calling back has received the preferred performance and asked to be turned out will be responsible for the entry fees, ACE fee and be subject to a $50 fine.

3. A contestant who upon doing call back receives the performance of their choice and fails to notify the ACE operator that they will be turning out will be responsible for the entry fees, ACE fees and subject to a $100 fine.

Phone: 436-3418
Email entries will be accepted day of entries from 7am-7pm.
Entries are Monday prior from 5-9pm
Callback is Wednesday prior from 5-9pm.

When entering, if there is only one day you are able to attend a rodeo, please state that day "or out (such as Sunday or out)". If you only state one day and do not clarify "or out", it is assumed that it is your preferred day, but that you can compete either day. If you do not get the day of your preference, it is your responsibility to find a switch, but you must notify entries of the switch. If you clarify "or out", and get "or out", it is your responsibility to find a switch. If you switch the contestant you are switching with is then "out" (i.e. will not compete in that event at that rodeo) and you take their spot in the performance. Entries will not be responsible for finding switches or changing the draw once it is completed. Entries does not guarantee preferred days.